Handicrafts have to pass through several middlemen’s hands before they reach city markets. Hence craftsmen gain very little profit so, we create marketing platforms through exhibitions; Handloom & Handicrafts melas and mini craft bazaars at corporate houses, and community halls to enable craft people have direct access urban markets without interference of middleman to sell their products at an affordable price to the customers. We arrange a platform for the interaction between buyers, the architects, craft lovers, retail sellers and Interior designers.
The annual exhibition cum sale (craft bazaar), is a synergistic blend of Indian cultural traditions. Handloom and handicrafts, artistic textiles, folk/tribal paintings performing arts brought together on one stage. Our aim is to provide direct market opportunities for rural artisan communities thereby eliminating the middleman and encourages use of naturally available materials for crafts without harming environment along with enhance the knowledge of the artisans in the field of marketing and product development.
Discover the art. A mural is any piece of art work, traditional Indian folk art/tribal paintings can be painted directly on the walls, pillars, borders, ceiling or large permanent surface. Wall murals show the concern, values and memories of the past.
One stop shop for Indian Handloom, handicrafts, folk/tribal paintings and gift items. Kala Arts & Crafts Trust is a name for high quality, our crafts, paintings; handlooms are finest and genuine products produced by rural, urban artisans, state & national award winners. It should also be a sample room where bulk orders can be placed for arts/crafts from all over India. Visit our store and you will appreciate and respect India’s rich cultural heritage.
Paintings: Chittara (Karnataka) Madhubani (Bihar) Warli (Maharashtra) Gond (MP) Phad & Miniature painting (Rajasthan) Kerala Murals, Patachittra / palm leaf (Orissa) Kalighat (WB).
Handicrafts: Jewellery, terracotta products, toys, gift items, bamboo products, kalam kari durries, dhokra, thread jewellery, block pottery, bags, house hold products and much more.
Handlooms: Cotton sarees, khadi shirts, fabrics, dress & dress materials and whole lot more.
How can we support Kala Arts And Crafts Trust?
Through donations, sponsorship of the event, small grants, free space for art gallery, designing, training workshops.
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